The Big ‘Blue Zone’ Lie

The Blue Zone was an informal study done by author Dan Buettner a few years ago.  It’s been touted as the next big thing in longevity research. It’s also a complete lie. At least what Dan and his marketing buddies are promoting now sure is.  See, somewhere along the way, Dan decided that Blue Zones … Read more

Can Collagen Help You Lose Weight? Here Are The Facts…

Recent research suggests that collagen can be added to food and beverages to help you lose weight. Here are some research-based methods that collagen can help you lose fat. Here are 3 ways collagen can help you shed pounds easily: 1. Collagen helps you feel fuller longer. People add protein powder to their food and beverages to make … Read more

4 Stretches You Should Do Daily

If you wake up and still feel tired, it could be that your muscles are too tight. Becoming inflexible can change your quality of life, causing you to lose your range of motion, putting stress on essential joints, and leading to more injuries. However, you don’t have to feel tight. By incorporating a stretch routine … Read more

How Much Sleep Do You REALLY Need?

For the longest time, we’ve been told that to get adequate rest you need 8 hours of sleep. The notion was that this would improve overall health and cognitive abilities. However, research suggests scientists aren’t too sure about how much sleep you need. Before you determine how much sleep is adequate, this is what you … Read more