As Good As Cold: Why You Should Try Whole Body Cryo-Therapy

Whole Body Cryo-Therapy

The concept of Whole Body Cryo-Therapy and other Cryotherapy treatments has received a lot of support over the past few years, but what is it about exposure to cold that makes our body react, and what are the metabolic effects of such exposure? Cold exposure has been associated with stress reduction because it has been … Read more

7 Reasons To Start Drinking Raw Milk

In modern society, most people visit a grocery store and buy pasteurized milk. While this milk can have its own set of benefits, drinking raw milk may bring new health benefits that you haven’t considered. I’ve been drinking it for about a week and a half and have noticed: Improved digestion More regular bathroom visits … Read more

Do You Know The Difference Between Probiotics, Prebiotics and Postbiotics?

You’ve probably heard of Prebiotics Probiotics, but have you heard of Post-biotics? Prebiotics vs probiotics vs postbiotics: what’s the deal? All three p’s are commonly discussed health topics these days. But though they may sound similar, they all play different roles in your body. In short: probiotics are beneficial bacteria; prebiotics are fuel; and postbiotics are the … Read more

The Oil Tycoon Who Created Big Pharma: Did He Ruin Healthcare For Billions?

The Pharmaceutical machine that keeps you sick was created by the richest man in history. Here’s how John D Rockefeller did it. Western medicine is dominated by drugs, surgery, and radiation. Doctors discourage holistic and preventative practices. The health professionals who do practice holistic care are often referred to as “quacks” by Western medicine. The US does not … Read more

The Top 6 Anxiety-Reducing Supplements

Feeling anxious?  These easy-to-find supplements could be the answer, and some of them actually work better than prescription meds. Magnesium Numerous studies have shown that magnesium plays an important role in anxiety. A 2017 systematic overview reviewed the results from 18 studies. Researchers found that magnesium supplements could improve anxiety symptoms in those who are most vulnerable. A 2016 … Read more

This Mushroom Kills Cancer

  Turkey tail is one of many mushrooms that have been used for centuries in Asia as medicine. It is also known as Trametes versicolor and Coriolus versicolor. Its vivid color patterns, which look similar to a turkey’s tail, earned it its nickname. While turkey tail mushrooms have many health benefits one thing that stands out is their reputation for … Read more

The Building Blocks of Life: The Weird Sea-Soup That Can Revitalize Your Energy

At least part of the problem we have so many issuess with our health today is almost never talked about: the demineralization of our soil.  Basically when you farm the same soil with the same crops, multiple times a year for generations, you’re completely removing the essential minerals from the soil.  This is a big … Read more

The ‘Salmon Secret’ To Longevity, Immunity, and Poor Eyesight

There is a super powerful antioxidant hiding in plain sight.  We’re just now uncovering its benefits. It has been proven to do all this: radically boost immune system function drastically reduce inflammation throughout the body increase stamina for exercise treats joint pain better than many prescription drugs improves vision and reduces eye fatigue. So what … Read more

This Weird ‘Soap’ Mineral Can Boost Bone Health, Reduce Joint Pain & More

Boron is a trace element found in many plants. It is decreasing in soil levels, as with other trace elements and minerals. This results in lower plant levels, and consequently lower levels for humans. Boron is usually found in plants grown in fertile organic soils. However, studies have shown that western diets provide much less. Many patients … Read more