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Welcome to The Wellness Watchdog!

Hi, I’m Kriss Berg, certified personal trainer, certified nutritionist and Wellness Watchdog. I’m here for one reason: to help YOU live a longer, happier, healthier life without dangerous prescription drugs and expensive medical procedures.

Kriss Berg, Certified Physical Therapist & PN1 Certified Nutritionist

How do I do that for my clients? Well I use nutrition and natural methods to heal your body.  See, our modern society is toxic for the human body. What most of us eat, drink and breath is slowly killing us.

How do I know?  Because I was dying just a few years ago. I had a doctor tell me point-blank: “Kriss, if you don’t change your ways you’ll be dead before you’re 48.”

And he was right.  I was dying.  I was fatigued, sick all the time, had horrible digestive issues and felt like my best days were behind me.  I had chronic aches and pains, getting out of bed was agony.

And I was only 32 years old!

So that doctor was dead on, but he was dead WRONG about everything else.  Namely, how to fix my problems.

I asked him how to fix my energy. His answer: Take this drug.

I asked how to fix my digestion.  Take this drug.

How do I fix my pain? Take these drugs.

How do I fix my cholesterol? You guessed it, take this drug.

If he couldn’t answer a question he’d send me to a specialist.  Thousands of dollars worth of tests later, guess what their answer would be?  Yep, take this drug. 

Over and over and over again it happened. Before long I was on 6 different EXPENSIVE medications.  Two of them were to counteract symptoms that the other drugs gave me!

Sound familiar?

I listened to all these experts and months later I felt WORSE than I did when I went to see them.  I trusted them, like most of us do.  We’re trained that doctors know all and that you just need to just shut up, trust them, and take your medicine.

I knew there had to be a better way.  Luckily I found a better way. 

I started going to different experts. I went to two different naturopaths, a nutritionist, and a medical doctor who practiced natural medicine.

They all said the same thing: your diet is killing you.  So, first I threw away all those prescription drugs.  Yep, just chucked them all in a dumpster one day.

Then I started eating whole foods.  It was HARD. I had been eating out of a drive-through for almost a decade.  That food was so tasty and convenient. But I did it.

Then I start to supplement my diet with natural minerals, probiotics, and enzymes.  Like magic, all my symptoms slowly disappeared.

Within months I was a new man – and I wasn’t taking any drugs.

I had energy again!  So I exercised more.

I lost weight.  I was in a better mood.  I slept like a rock.

Even my skin looked better.

My family and friends noticed my transformation. And it was far cheaper than anything a doctor had given me.

Looking back on it the craziest thing to me is not one doctor, of the almost dozen I saw in my younger years, ever asked me about my diet. Not one!

Now it’s obvious.  Food is medicine.  The earth can give us exactly what we need to thrive, we just have to be curious and keep looking until we find it.

This isn’t some woo-woo, foo-foo hokum either. Now we have scientific proof that there are natural solutions that are as good or better than prescription drugs.

And back then it was really hard to find this information.  The web was full of conflicting information, and my doctors told me what was on the web was a lie.

Now I know the truth: western medicine is poorly trained to deal with root-cause issues.  Western medicine has broken the body up into sections and decided this doctor will deal with this part, then another one will deal with that one, etc etc.

None of them are able to take a step back and say: what are you putting into your body? How are you sleeping? What do you for stress relief?  What is your body missing? What is really CAUSING these issues?

I realized I wasn’t the only one suffering.  I had dozens of people asking me how to transform their lives the way I did.  I helped them all, and now I want to help more people. That became my mission.

Now I’m 46 years old and I’m in better shape and healthier than I was when I was 18.  No joke.

So, I’m here to expose the truth.  We’re going on journey.  We’ll examine everything from ‘settled science’ (hint: science is almost never ‘settled’, the very nature of science is to question what we think we know), breaking health discoveries, modern myths, old wives tales, and more.

These are things the mainstream media and medical industry has never and will never cover.  They are beholden to the system of politicians, bureaucrats, and pharmaceutical companies that pay them billions to keep the status quo.

So are you ready to explore new territory?  To find the hidden truth about what can really help you live longer, happier, and healthier than you ever thought possible?

Let’s GO.

Kriss Berg