5 Things They’ll Never Tell You About Getting The Flu Shot

Flu season is here, which means it’s time to get a flu shot to prevent falling ill. Well, that’s what doctors, the CDC, and –– most importantly –– drug companies would have you believe.

The reason many of the “experts” recommend you take the flu shot is to ensure you don’t get the flu or infect others with the flu. To calm any nerves you may have about taking the vaccine, the CDC reassures you that you won’t get the flu from the vaccine. But, little exists about the dangers associated with taking the flu shot, which may make you wonder if you should take the shot?

1.   You Aren’t Protected From Every Flu Strain

There are approximately 200 flu strains that can hit in any given year, which the CDC has to examine to determine which of these strains is likely to be prominent during the season. When you get the flu shot, you’re protected from three or four of the possible strains. If you’re exposed to the other 196 strains you can still get the flu since no universal flu vaccine exists.

2.   The Flu Vaccine isn’t That Effective

If the CDC makes an accurate guess as to the flu strain, the next hurdle you have to overcome is the efficacy of the vaccine. On average, the flu shot only gives you between 50% and 62% protection against the flu, which means you still may get infected with the flu vaccine.

3.   Pregnant Women Are Exposed to Unexpected Risks

A study published in 2017 by the peer-reviewed medical journal JAMA, shows there’s a link between Autism Spectrum Disorder and taking the flu vaccine in the first trimester of pregnancy.

The study included 196 929 children born between January 1, 2000, to December 31, 2010, which shows that women who reported getting the flu vaccine in the first trimester had a 25% higher risk of their child being diagnosed with ASD.

The CDC also reported that pregnant women who had the shot between 2010 and 2012 had an increased risk of experiencing a spontaneous abortion. Yet physicians continue to encourage pregnant women to get the vaccine despite these risks.

4.   Flu Shots Contain Mercury

While the formula of the flu vaccine is largely unknown by those who get it, one component you should be aware of is Thimerosal. Thimerosal is a preservative that contains mercury. As a result, when you get the vaccine, you’re exposed to 25 micrograms of mercury, the same amount given to children who get the vaccine.

The CDC continues to reassure the public that the mercury in the flu vaccine is insignificant, not posing any danger. Yet, this goes against what experts say about mercury exposure among young children who don’t have the immune system to protect them from this mercury, which can lead to speech and language delays in addition to tics and ASD.

5.   There is No Benefit to Children Taking the Flu Shot

A review of 51 studies, which included 260,000 children, found the flu shot was not more effective than placebo at preventing the flu in kids. Although children who take or are exposed to the vaccine are at greater risk of developing some developmental disability, it’s been proven that for children, the flu shot provides as much efficacy as a placebo.

As is the case with any medical decision, the choice of whether you should do something should be discussed with your physician.

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10 thoughts on “5 Things They’ll Never Tell You About Getting The Flu Shot”

  1. I give my dog rabies shots and wormer, should I treat my dog better than my kids?

    Why do you buy car insurance if there is a huge chance you will not have a accident?

  2. Dr. Robin Cook has exposed big pharma’s intentions and avoidance, with regard to the efficacy of its drugs and its potential for harm. His books which seemed to be just science fiction horror stories have become reality. Market share is all that matters to giant pharmaceutical corporations. The mandates these shots now have, most people can’t avoid. Doctors, schools, businesses etc., force these vaccinations and if you want to opt out, you face consequences. I don’t believe anyone wants to, or can stop this government supported leviathan, extending to the CDC or WHO. They’ve been given carte blanche for the most part and even doctors and nurses just accept without questioning. We have seen the results of the Covid 19 debacle and I can only think government will use their powers again, if they have an agenda to do so. In addition, when there are natural ways to treat many viruses or other illnesses, they are unwilling to use them, since they bring no profit to big pharma. We saw them denied to people, so that hundreds of thousands of people who could have been saved, died consequently. And then there were the younger people who should never have been vaccinated and suffered physical harm and even death.

  3. I can’t get the Flue Shot. I had the Asian Flue when I lived in the U.K. It went thru Asia. It went thru Asia, The United Kingdom & Some other Countries. It left me Partially Paralyzed. I was In A Military Hospital. I was Partially Paralyzed. But there was a lot of Testing going on Much like we had with Covid here in the USA.. GBS is what you can Develop from that. It stays in your System. Then the it can be activated again. So that is why I will never get the Flue Shot.

  4. I haven’t had the flu since1991 and the next year I started taking flu shots (I was a nurse). There is always some risk to any medication or vaccines but I feel you are doing an injustice to discourage people from getting the proven injections.
    When people are encouraged to disbelieve scientists you are creating a society like we see in the USA today. 😩

  5. I ma going to be 67 this year. I did not take the flu shit or the coved shot. I got Coved twice. First time was hard but I got through it.
    I also get a touch of the flu most every year. Feel like crap for a few days and get back up ad go. ” do stay away from others during this time” I keep getting pressure from people to get the shots. But my health is good and when i get sick I bounce back faster then some people that got the shot.
    I am not going to change it now. I did get the pneumonia shot 2020.
    But that was recommended by my doctor after I had a heart attack in 2013.

    • Quit lieing to people. 50% protection is better than no protection. And 62% is means you have only 38% of getting the flu. Now do the math, I’ll take those odds you must have done that well in school. That 38% looks much better than 100%.

  6. I never got the Stupid Dangerous “covid19” shot OR any of the ridiculous number of “boosters”.
    I caught covid in September of 2020 and got over it just fine.
    Yes, I was sick as hell for about 5 or 6 days but have not contracted it again and, in hindsight, am Very Glad I had it and recovered from it!
    If you or the “gimmit” try to force me to take it now, well, as Heston said, Pry it from my cold dead hand!

  7. After my COID19 the injection was surrounded by pustules. I scratched the itch. It bled & left scars. Then more pustules on my left forearm. Same thing scratch, bleed, scars. Then left thigh pustules, scratch, bleed, scar. Then left shin 3″ square pustule patch, Doctor said I had thin skin. !? (scar tissue) Apparently, I’ve had thin skin for 86 years. Right side OK…for a while. Recently pustules appeared on right shoulder, left chest and my center back on spine area. Itch, scratch, bleed, scar. Skin doctor appointment Oct. 23. I have thin skin, of course. Nothing to do with COVID19. My remedy; iodine. Old school. Perhaps or just thin skin. Not COVID19 injection. Can you top this?


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