Can Cannabis Kill COVID?

A new study found that cannabis extract, when used in combination with proper vaccination, may prevent COVID-19-related infections.

A study published in the Journal of Natural Products Monday found that cannabis compounds could be used to treat the COVID-19 virus.

The study was conducted in collaboration with Oregon State University and Oregon Health and Sciences University. Researchers concluded that cannabigerolic and cannabidiolic acids prevented the infection of human epithelial cell…and prevented the entry of live SARS-2 into cells. These acids could bind to specific proteins on the COVID pathogen to stop the virus from progressing.

The acids were tested against the Alpha and Beta versions of the COVID virus, and they were equally effective.

The study also noted that cannabis extract is not sufficient to prevent someone from contracting COVID if they aren’t vaccinated. Any treatment should be combined properly with the COVID vaccine. It was also noted that there could be “resistant variants” after widespread cannabis use, but that the combination of vaccinations “should create a more difficult environment with which SARS/CoV-2 must contend.”

These acids are also “virus-neutralizing” and can be used against high levels of COVID spores in clinical settings. It is not known if the acids are effective against COVID viruses smaller in size.

Further information was provided by VICE,which concluded that people who consume cannabis in their normal ways, such as smoking or eating edibles, are not exposed to COVID-fighting chemicals. These acids can only be found in the plant’s growing phase, so they must be extracted from the leaf, which is a process that most people are not familiar with.

These acids are safe to be administered orally so it is possible to produce a hemp-based liquid or pill as part of the ongoing effort to eliminate COVID-19.

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