Can Collagen Help You Lose Weight? Here Are The Facts…

Recent research suggests that collagen can be added to food and beverages to help you lose weight. Here are some research-based methods that collagen can help you lose fat.

Here are 3 ways collagen can help you shed pounds easily:

1. Collagen helps you feel fuller longer. People add protein powder to their food and beverages to make them feel fuller and more satisfied. This practice has a problem because many protein powders on the market contain fillers and unnatural additives.

Collagen protein is a cleaner protein. It is pure and free from sweeteners or additives. It will make you feel full.

This was demonstrated in a study that included obese and normal-weight subjects being fed one of two breakfasts. The breakfast with gelatin (collagen), had more calories than the one without. Researchers measured subjects’ levels of satiety hormones and found that those who ate breakfast with gelatin experienced a 40% increase in this hormone. These subjects were more likely than others to continue with their weight loss efforts.

The subjects who ate breakfast with gelatin had a tendency to eat less the next day. This made it more likely that they would lose weight.

2. Collagen can reduce the desire to snack. People on diets often struggle to curb their cravings for snack foods. Some of the most popular snacks include salty, crunchy, oily and fatty foods.

These snacks are often the root cause of diet failures. Collagen is a protein that can be added to meals. This will make you feel fuller between meals and less hungry for snacks.

3. Collagen has been shown that it can help maintain muscle mass. The natural loss of muscle mass is one of the main problems with growing older. It is common to lose 3-5% of your muscle mass each decade starting in your 30s. Even if you exercise often, you will lose some muscle mass.

Conversion of muscle into fat is also a normal part aging. A loss of muscle mass can lead to a decrease in strength and possibly a decreased desire to exercise.

Research has shown that collagen can help to reduce fat mass and increase fat-free mass. Studies have shown that collagen can be added to food and drinks for as little as 12 week. It can also reduce fat mass by up to 10 pounds, and increase muscle mass by up to 6 pounds.

Another study was done on 71-year old women who had added collagen peptides into their meals. They were able to maintain lean body mass better than subjects who received whey proteins.

This is why it is so beneficial. Remember that adding muscle mass can also increase your metabolism. Your metabolism is what allows you to burn calories every day by simply moving through your daily activities.

4. Collagen may keep your appetite down. Hydrolyzed collagen was found to reduce appetite in obese and diabetic subjects. The collagen stimulates the production of satiety hormones in the blood. These subjects actually ate less collagen when they were adding it to their diets.

5. Collagen can also be used to lose weight. Research has shown that adequate protein is crucial for maintaining a healthy body and losing weight. The most satisfying macronutrient is protein, which keeps you full. Research has shown that people who eat more protein and less glycemic food lost more weight, and they also managed to keep it off for longer periods of time. This supports the use collagen for weight loss, as collagen is one the most important proteins.

6. Collagen regulates blood sugar levels. It will reduce your desire to eat foods high in sugar and carbs. You may feel a sudden spike in blood sugar if you eat these foods, but it will only last for a few hours. You’ll feel hungry again. This can lead to weight gain and overeating. You can reduce your cravings for sugary foods by keeping your blood sugar stable for longer periods of times.

Is this a hoax or hype?

However, not everyone who has studied the effectiveness of collagen in weight loss is convinced it works. This is due to the absence of solid scientific research on the use of collagen for weight loss.

1. It is possible to eat before you go to bed. Collagen-rich weight loss products often recommend that you take the supplement on an empty stomach before going bed. These programs advise you to avoid eating for at least three hours before going to sleep. The last hour before bed is prime time to snack or eat a meal. You are more likely to gain weight overnight if you eat food at this time.

You may lose weight if you take collagen on an empty stomach, and cut down on nighttime snacks. What caused weight loss? Is it the collagen?

Many weight loss products also include aloe vera as an ingredient. Aloe vera is a diuretic that can cause weight loss.

2. There is very little scientific evidence. The majority of evidence that collagen can help you lose weight is speculative. There has not been much research that is scientifically supported.

It is not clear if collagen taken in pill form, which is the basis of most weight loss programs is absorbed by the body to be useful. Research using collagen has largely used chicken collagen. This collagen is not used in weight loss products. The research findings might not be applicable to supplements.

Is it possible that people who lose weight due to taking supplements eat less?

What should you do?

It doesn’t matter if collagen is added to your diet to help you lose weight. You don’t have to do this alone. You’ll reap the benefits of increasing your physical activity and adding collagen.

Do not believe the hyped up claims that collagen is the best weight loss program since cottage cheese. Hydrolyzed collagen powder can be added to food or drinks. They are tasteless and can be used with almost any type of food or drink.

It is possible to test several brands before you find the right one. You can also lose weight if you stick with it.

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