Hypocrisy And The Canadian Trucker Protest

Tens of thousands of Canadian truckers and supporters have gathered in Ottawa to protest Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s COVID-19 vaccination mandates. The protest has brought the capitol of Canada to a screeching halt.

Truckers are protesting Trudeau’s vaccine mandate for the trucking industry. The mandate requires that all truckers must be vaccinated before they can cross the border between Canada and the United States. The measures were put into effect on January 15 and require that unvaccinated truckers crossing the border must be quarantined upon their return. (Of course, if Joe Biden had his way, ALL truckers would be forced to get the jab.)

Justin Trudeau is still beating the mainstream media-led drum of ‘vaccinations above all else’.  This is ironic because the 3-times-vaxed Trudeau is now quarantined in his home – he tested positive for COVID over the weekend.

I wouldn’t expect that irony to change Trudeau’s tune though.  Trudeau has called the truckers ‘a small fringe minority’, ‘racist’ and ‘fearmongers’.   Yes, the man who is forcing a vaccine (that he personally has proven doesn’t work on the Omicron strain) is calling anyone who disagrees with him a fearmonger.  This is also the man that wore blackface for Halloween costumes so often he couldn’t be ‘definitive’ about the number.

And the media of course is happy to attack the truckers right along with him. After a handful of protestors showed up with a Nazi flag, and were quickly denounced by the organizers, the media has been quick to paint the entire movement as a white supremacist protest.  The Washington Post summed up their feelings nicely:

According to this cartoonist, the people who are peacefully protesting government-forced jabs are fascists. Makes sense right?

Let’s not forget just how quick this same media was to forgive the violent protests in the summer of 2020 after the George Floyd story broke.  Those protestors, some of whom murdered people trying to protect their own property from a violent mob, were painted as ‘mostly peaceful’.

And let’s not forget that the left considers itself a ‘champion of the worker’.  If this protest were about labor unions and fair wages, there would be glowing background stories of the organizers and scathing takedowns of the evil businesses that employ them.

But a grassroots protest to fight against a government law they see as unjust?  Why, that you poor uneducated fool, is just NOT how we do things here.

Let’s face it, this isn’t about vaccines or COVID.  This is about, once again, a government full of rich elites who have never worked an honest day in their lives forcing the people to do their bidding, at all costs.

And truckers, like many of us, have had enough.

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