The Building Blocks of Life: The Weird Sea-Soup That Can Revitalize Your Energy

At least part of the problem we have so many issuess with our health today is almost never talked about: the demineralization of our soil.  Basically when you farm the same soil with the same crops, multiple times a year for generations, you’re completely removing the essential minerals from the soil.  This is a big reason why our produce doesn’t look and taste the same as you remember it did growing up.

And this demineralization is showing up in our healthcare bills. Low energy, poor immune system, digestive problems, food allergies, joint pain and more are skyrocketing thanks to food that is not nearly as nutritious as it was a few decades ago.

This is one reason why so many healthy people have extensive vegetable and fruit gardens.

But if you don’t want to spend hours tilling the soil, is there a way to restore your body’s mineral content?  There sure is, and it comes from the ocean…

Our journey to our current state began from humble beginnings in the oceans and seas of Earth.

The sea in which the first unicellular organisms were created (one-cell organisms) was almost identical to the current blood plasma and extracellular fluids. This primordial sea contained minerals, trace elements and amino acids (building blocks of proteins), in perfect pH solutions that maximized nutrient uptake and absorption.

Over millions of years, evolution produced a complete range of sea creatures. These creatures eventually moved to a land-based existence and left the ocean behind. These creatures now live in self-contained bodies and are no longer able to bathe in the primordial seawater soup of nutrients, minerals, trace elements.

Each cell in these self-enclosed bodies swam in the same sea. This internal sea or extracellular fluid and blood plasma are identical for a reason. Remember that nature doesn’t do anything without a reason. For your body to function properly, it requires all those trace elements and minerals. Without them, the chain of health is broken, and the body can’t produce the enzymes, hormones, protein, or vitamins it needs.

Rene Quinton, a French scientist, became obsessed in the late 1800s with the idea that the sea acts as an incubator for life.

He believed the oceans provided all life with the right mix of minerals and trace elements. After extensive research, he discovered that there were seven large vortices in oceans at any one time. These vortices, which are like huge twisters in an ocean, have a narrow end at the bottom of the ocean and a mouth that is hundreds of miles wide at its surface. These vortices’ spinning action sucked large quantities of minerals, trace elements and organic material from the ocean floors and sent them upwards in huge, nutrient-rich spirals to the surface.

This is where phytoplankton, also known as plant plankton, thrives and reproduces in large schools. These schools are then fed on by zooplankton which is an animal plankton. The phytoplankton is broken down by the zooplankton, which releases large quantities of nutrients. The soup is rich in nutrients, including DNA, RNA and organic proteins, as well all minerals and trace elements. This “plankton-milk”, as it’s called, is the main source of life in the oceans. These vortices are home to many sea creatures, from tiny fish to large whales.

Dr. Quinton invented a method to cold-filter the water and then process it to remove any plankton. This leaves only the nutritious soup.

This Quinton’s Marine Plasma was its name and he set up hundreds of clinics across Europe to help the needy and poor.

His patients were treated for all kinds of illnesses and ailments. He was an enormous success. It is still in existence today and is located in Spain.

Order online or through participating healthcare professionals. You can choose from an isotonic or hypertonic version. The isotonic version is the best for most patients. It is a clear, salty-tasting beverage. 1 ounce per day should be sufficient to rebuild your terrain, replenish it with beneficial substances, and recharge it. It will likely take several months. Quinton’s Marine Plasma can also be used as a prebiotic to your body’s probiotic bacteria. It will feed and nurture them. It can be purchased at

I tried it after a bout with fatigue and poor digestion a few years ago, and I felt great after a month of using it every day.

There are many other options than Quinton’s Marine Plasma. Mix one teaspoon of Azomite into a large glass water and consume it daily. However, as I mentioned earlier, this is not a wise choice because Azomite is an inorganic compound. It is clear that Azomite can be used in animal feed to produce healthier and larger animals. If I was in a pinch and had no other multi-mineral or trace element source, the Azomite would be my first choice.

There are also several other mineral and trace element drinks on the market . You should look for a colloidal mineral mix. A colloid is a mixture in which, due to their electrical charges, the substances contained in it are in permanent suspension and cannot settle out of the mixture . Think Jell-O; it never settles or comes out of mixture.

Any way you do it, it’s critical to re-mineralize your body.

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