The Oil Tycoon Who Created Big Pharma: Did He Ruin Healthcare For Billions?

The Pharmaceutical machine that keeps you sick was created by the richest man in history. Here’s how John D Rockefeller did it.

Western medicine is dominated by drugs, surgery, and radiation. Doctors discourage holistic and preventative practices. The health professionals who do practice holistic care are often referred to as “quacks” by Western medicine.

The US does not practice healthcare. Instead, it practices sickcare. Currently:

  • 70% of Americans are obese or overweight.
  • One in three Americans is pre-diabetic
  • Chronic Illness is responsible for 7/10 deaths
  • Every year, heart disease kills over 500,000 Americans

Due to our close ties to Big Pharma and our tendency over-prescribe, we are also experiencing a prescription drug crisis. Currently:

  • 16M Americans abuse prescription drugs
  • 2M Prescription drug addicts are addicted
  • Four out of five prescriptions filled by pharmacies contain opioids

This post will discuss the bizarre history of John D Rockefeller’s creation of Big Pharma and the foundations Western Medicine that are destroying metabolic health.

John D Rockefeller, an oil magnate who was also one of the wealthiest men in history, was known as a ruthless businessman.

He was America’s first billionaire, and amassed $418B in assets adjusted for inflation.

Rockefeller used monopolistic methods to grow Standard Oil to be the sole owner of 90% of all U.S. oil refineries.

Standard Oil was broken up and spawned Chevron, Exxon and Mobil.

That’s the size of Standard Oil in its prime.

In 1900, Scientists discovered petrochemicals.

These chemicals could be made from oil.

Bakelite, which was the first plastic, is made from oil in 1907.

Scientists discovered synthetic vitamins that could be used for treating Vitamin deficiency-related illnesses like Rickets and Scurvy.

Rockefeller believed that Petrochemicals could be used to make vitamins and medication.

Rockefeller thought he could also monopolize the industry through petrochemicals.

Rockefeller could patent these Petrochemicals for huge profits.

Rockefeller quickly acted and bought a portion of I.G. Farben – a German manufacturing company.

Side Note: I.G. Side Note: I.G. Farben supplied Nazis during WWII. Yes, you can look it up.

Rockefeller was faced with a serious dilemma when he tried to monopolize medicine.

At the time, natural and herbal medicines were extremely popular.

Many American doctors and medical schools advocate holistic treatments as a treatment and cure.

Rockefeller, like other oil companies, saw natural remedies as his “competition”, which needed to be eliminated.

Rockefeller joined Andrew Carnegie’s team and hired Abraham Flexner through The Carnegie Foundation.

Flexner’s role was to review hospitals and medical schools across the US.

The Flexner Report was the result. It led to the closing of nearly half of all medical schools.

The report utterly destroyed natural medicines and homeopathy. Some holistic doctors were even sent to jail.

Rockefeller also donated $100M to hospitals and colleges under his philanthropic organization, the General Education Board.

Within a very short time, hospitals and medical schools were homogenized using the same approach. Medicine was primarily about patented drugs and did not use holistic or natural treatments.

Rockefeller launched a smear program against his holistic “competitors” as the next step.

Newspapers and media outlets quickly discredit homeopathy and natural medicine.

Rockefeller’s method worked extraordinarily well. He decimated holistic competition and ultimately created the current medical system.

Today, this system is still in place: Big Pharma continues to make large donations to medical schools in return for them prescribing their drugs.

This post is not meant to be a criticism of Western Medicine.  There are many needs for pharmaceuticals that holistic medicine could never address.

It is intended to give an unfiltered view of John D Rockefeller’s life and his role in shaping the current medical system.

This post should help you to feel more like a customer than a patient the next time you see your doctor.

It’s not surprising that the US ranks #1 in terms of cost for medical care, but our quality is at #37.

You are responsible for your own health.

No one is more concerned about your health than you.

Consider all possible inputs and decide what is best for you.

Your food and lifestyle are your true medicine.

You should be careful about where you source your food, and how much sleep you get.

These are your pillars for THRIVING.

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