Whoops Again: Natural Immunity Beats The Jab For Delta

A new study shows natural immunity beats vaccines when it comes to the Delta variant, according to the CDC.

Health officials from California and New York collected data between May and November to study. This included the period during which the Delta variant was dominant.

It was found that those who had survived an infection previously had lower COVID-19 rates than those who were vaccinated.

This of course is a major reversal from previous CDC guidance.  The CDC reported in August, September, October and November just last year that natural immunity was inferior to the shot.

So what gives?  Is the CDC lying or hiding something?  Conspiracy theorists will scream ‘COVERUP’ but the fact is that as this virus has evolved, so has the data behind it.

But it’s time we all admit what is now obvious: it is difficult to impossible to simply ‘follow the science!’ when the science keeps changing.

And blindly following CDC guidelines is unrealistic when the CDC is consistently inconsistent.

Remember when they said masks didn’t work?

Only to reverse it months later:

And then finally saying only N95’s will work after years of saying essentially ‘wear any mask’:

Is it any wonder people are confused and angry? Is it any wonder people can’t agree on what to do, when the governing body can’t seem settle on an answer?

Yes, of course, as the data changes, the policies should change. But if the CDC wonders why people are skeptical of masks, vaxxing and just about everything else when it comes to the virus, it has no one to blame but itself.

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4 thoughts on “Whoops Again: Natural Immunity Beats The Jab For Delta”

  1. The BIG FAT LIE!!! Which “Vaccine” stops the mutation of a virus? None. Your body will allow certain things but a vaccine doesn’t stop the mutation of a virus.

  2. I just wish that people would STOP AND THINK about what is involved in researching the best methods of prevention. For me, both avoidance and vaccination cover just about anything as far as the science goes. These people try to make it all sound like some government conspiracy. If you think your government wants you dead, then consider this: If all or most taxpayers die, there will be no government! It is in the government’s best interests to protect those they serve who both pay their taxes and give the government it’s “Raison D’Etre”. That’s US folks.


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