Why You Should See This Doctor You’ve Probably Never Heard Of…

Are you struggling with low energy?

Chronic colds or flu?

Lack of sleep?

Digestive issues?


I bet you are or you have in the past.  And I bet you’ve gone to a medical doctor about it too.

AND I bet you’ve been disappointed in your results.

I suffered from all of these issues at various times in my life.  I must have seen 7 different medical doctors about these issues and never really got to the root cause.

They all wanted tests and more tests, and when those tests showed nothing they sent me to specialist doctors who – you guessed it – wanted more tests!  The western medical establishment doesn’t cure you as much as it traps you.

They would invariably suggest a prescription drug, downplay any negative side effects of the drug, and send me on my way. Occasionally they would suggest biopsies or surgery.  None of them could give me satisfying answers about my condition.

Rarely did one of them ask me about my diet, my sleep cycle, my stress levels or my family life. If they did, it was more of an afterthought.

It went on that way for years until I went to a very specific kind of doctor.  This is one of those doctors that our family doctor laughs at — probably refers to them as a ‘quack’.

And yet every single time I go to one, I get the answers I’ve been looking for.  They’ve identified my gluten issues, my dairy issues, my hormone issues, sleep issues, depression and more.

And they did it all without drugs, expensive tests, or pawning me off on an expensive specialist. In fact, most of the treatments they suggest are just related to diet and lifestyle changes.

Even when they do recommend a supplement or natural solution, the goal is to repair my body so I don’t need it eventually.  They use food as medicine.

So who are these doctors that don’t get invited to the big medical conferences?

They are naturopathic doctors, or ND’s. 

They are recognized by some states as full-fledged doctors, but for the most part that are pushed to the margin by our medical community. They attend just as much school as an MD, but they study nutrition, allergens, hormones, and the body’s response to stress.

They look at the big picture, the entire body as it works together. They don’t break it up into little pieces like western medicine does.

I have now been to about 6 different naturopaths (just because I moved around a lot) and every one of them has helped me get over a serious health issue.

The first appointment with an ND can be a little expensive. See they want to talk to you, learn about how you live, what you eat, what you don’t. That takes time, so you might pay $200-300 for that initial visit.  You might get a little blood work which could cost a couple hundred more.

But, you’ll probably have real solutions to your issues after seeing an ND.  You’ll finally understand what the root cause of your issues are.

And you won’t have to keep going back!  I have seen a naturopath every 5-6 years for the last few decades and I guarantee I spent less on them than I would have seeing MD’s for the same issues.

So I encourage you to break out of your comfort zone. I know most MD’s are bright, hard working people that want to help you.  But they are usually poorly trained to handle our diet and lifestyle and the health issues that goes along with them.

Jump on Google and find your local naturopath, make an appointment, I truly believe you won’t regret it.




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