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Kriss Berg is the founder of the Wellness Watchdog. He is a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) and a Precision Nutrition Level 1 certified coach (Pn1). He is here for one reason: to help YOU live a longer, happier, healthier life without dangerous prescription drugs and expensive medical procedures.

We’ll examine everything from ‘settled science’ (hint: science is almost never ‘settled’, the very nature of science is to question what we think we know), breaking health discoveries, modern myths, old wives tales, and more.

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best cooking oil

What Is The Best Cooking Oil?

The debate on what the best cooking oil is has been going on for years. Which oil has the highest smoke point? Which one tastes better? Which one has the most health benefits? All of these questions have been filling people’s minds for years, and while it is now widely acknowledged that heavily processes oils … Read more

The Real Problem With Fake Meat

The emergence of fake meat, which is more commonly referred to as meat alternatives have been on the rise since both the vegetarian and vegan movement has become increasingly popular. Yet, for those who are not familiar with these alternatives, the idea of fake meat may seem weird and unappealing. With fake meat sales on … Read more

This Antioxidant Might Reverse Alzheimer’s

It might seem crazy to think that a possible reversal to Alzheimer’s can be naturally found in nature and yet, evidence suggests that quercetin, an antioxidant present in a wide arrange of foods has a wide range of health benefits. Quercetin is a naturally occurring pigment that is part of a group of plant compounds … Read more

Do You Know The Difference Between Probiotics, Prebiotics and Postbiotics?

You’ve probably heard of Prebiotics Probiotics, but have you heard of Post-biotics? Prebiotics vs probiotics vs postbiotics: what’s the deal? All three p’s are commonly discussed health topics these days. But though they may sound similar, they all play different roles in your body. In short: probiotics are beneficial bacteria; prebiotics are fuel; and postbiotics are the … Read more

The Oil Tycoon Who Created Big Pharma: Did He Ruin Healthcare For Billions?

The Pharmaceutical machine that keeps you sick was created by the richest man in history. Here’s how John D Rockefeller did it. Western medicine is dominated by drugs, surgery, and radiation. Doctors discourage holistic and preventative practices. The health professionals who do practice holistic care are often referred to as “quacks” by Western medicine. The US does not … Read more

Study: Lockdowns Did Little To Slow The Pandemic

Restrictive public health measures were sold as temporary trade-offs of liberty for safety from infection. It was argued that if we gave up trade and freedom of movement for a brief time, COVID-19 could be defeated and we can then return to normal living. As we’ve been saying the beginning though, the cost of liberty and prosperity … Read more

The Top 6 Anxiety-Reducing Supplements

Feeling anxious?  These easy-to-find supplements could be the answer, and some of them actually work better than prescription meds. Magnesium Numerous studies have shown that magnesium plays an important role in anxiety. A 2017 systematic overview reviewed the results from 18 studies. Researchers found that magnesium supplements could improve anxiety symptoms in those who are most vulnerable. A 2016 … Read more

Forget Cholesterol, This Test Will Tell You What Is Really Going On With Your Heart

Cholesterol has been used for years as an indicator for heart disease risk. The problem is it’s not a very good indicator. Studies show that total cholesterol levels among people who’ve had heart attacks are almost the same as those of people who haven’t, and that roughly half of heart attacks occur in people without … Read more

Bombshell: The Jab RAISES Risk of Infection in Children

Reprinted from Unreported Truths Six weeks after becoming “fully vaccinated,” kids under 12 are 40 percent MORE likely to be infected Covid than those who never received mRNA shots, a huge New York state database shows. The mRNA jabs provide some protection for the first two weeks of “full vaccination.” But it declines rapidly, turns … Read more