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Kriss Berg is the founder of the Wellness Watchdog. He is a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) and a Precision Nutrition Level 1 certified coach (Pn1). He is here for one reason: to help YOU live a longer, happier, healthier life without dangerous prescription drugs and expensive medical procedures.

We’ll examine everything from ‘settled science’ (hint: science is almost never ‘settled’, the very nature of science is to question what we think we know), breaking health discoveries, modern myths, old wives tales, and more.

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alpha-gal syndrome

The Mystery of Alpha-Gal Syndrome: Understanding This Unique Allergy

Welcome to the intriguing and often misunderstood world of Alpha-Gal Syndrome (AGS), a unique and sometimes baffling condition that’s been stirring up quite a bit of curiosity lately. You might be wondering, “What exactly is Alpha-Gal Syndrome?” or “Could I or someone I know be affected by it?” Well, you’re in the right place to … Read more
sleep regularity

Sleep Regularity vs Sleep Duration: Why Timing Matters More Than Hours

Hey there, night owls and early birds! Ever find yourself in the sleep conundrum, wondering whether it’s better to clock in more hours or stick to a regular schedule? Well, you’re in for an eye-opener! In this deep dive, on Sleep Regularity vs Sleep Duration, we’re about to unravel a crucial aspect of sleep that … Read more
reverse fatty liver naturally

Reverse Fatty Liver Naturally: Proven Steps for a Healthier You

If you’re on a mission to tackle fatty liver, you’re not alone. It’s a common challenge, but guess what? You can turn things around, and the best part? You can do it naturally. Welcome to “Reverse Fatty Liver Naturally: Proven Steps for a Healthier You,” where we’re going to dive into some real, actionable strategies … Read more
Urolithin A

Urolithin A: The Miracle Metabolite That Slows Aging

Ever wonder if there’s a secret ingredient to a longer, healthier life? Enter Urolithin A, a compound that might just be the closest thing to a fountain of youth we’ve ever stumbled upon. This powerhouse metabolite has taken the spotlight in longevity circles, promising to put a serious slowdown on the aging clock. In this … Read more
heal a rotator cuff naturally

Heal a Rotator Cuff Naturally: Your Ultimate Guide to Drug-Free Recovery

If you’ve been sidelined by a cranky rotator cuff, I feel you. It’s like your body’s very own ‘Error 404: Movement Not Found’ message, right? But, before you think about diving into the world of pharmaceutical fixes, let’s talk about a comeback tour that’s all about the natural groove. We’re going to dive deep into … Read more
natural remedy for h. pylori

Beat the Bacteria: Natural Remedy for H. Pylori Revealed!

You know, there’s something about nature that just knows how to get things right. From the fresh air we breathe to the herbs that have been used for centuries to heal ailments, it’s amazing how nature’s remedies can come to our rescue. Now, let’s talk about a sneaky little bacteria that’s made a home in … Read more
fructose causes obesity

Fructose Causes Obesity: Exposing the Sugary Truth

Hey there, wellness aficionado! Heard the buzz that fructose causes obesity? It’s not just a baseless rumor. Let’s dive deep into this topic and shed light on how this sneaky sugar, often hiding in our favorite treats, might be contributing more to our waistlines than we realize. Time to unravel the sugary truth! 🍬🔍 Fructose … Read more
fructan intolerance

Fructan Intolerance: The Ultimate Guide to Symptoms & Management

Alright, let’s dive into this. Ever felt bloated or uncomfortable after munching on your favorite veggies or grains? While it’s easy to blame gluten or other culprits, fructan intolerance might be the sneaky reason behind it. Yep, it’s a thing. Though not as infamous as lactose or gluten intolerance, understanding fructan intolerance can be a … Read more
astaxanthin benefits

Astaxanthin Benefits: Unlocking Nature’s Potent Antioxidant Power

Ever stumbled upon a wonder of nature so brilliant that it almost seems too good to be true? That’s how I felt when I first heard about astaxanthin. This superhero of the antioxidant world, often overshadowed by its more popular peers, packs a punch well beyond its weight. Astaxanthin’s vibrant hue isn’t just for show; … Read more
the detox myth

The Detox Myth Debunked & Demystified

Alright, folks, let’s get real for a moment. We’ve all heard about it, read about it, and heck, some of us have even tried it – I’m talking about the alluring world of detoxes and cleanses. It seems every other magazine cover and wellness guru is selling the dream of a toxin-free life, claiming a … Read more