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Kriss Berg is the founder of the Wellness Watchdog. He is a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) and a Precision Nutrition Level 1 certified coach (Pn1). He is here for one reason: to help YOU live a longer, happier, healthier life without dangerous prescription drugs and expensive medical procedures.

We’ll examine everything from ‘settled science’ (hint: science is almost never ‘settled’, the very nature of science is to question what we think we know), breaking health discoveries, modern myths, old wives tales, and more.

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This Weird ‘Soap’ Mineral Can Boost Bone Health, Reduce Joint Pain & More

Boron is a trace element found in many plants. It is decreasing in soil levels, as with other trace elements and minerals. This results in lower plant levels, and consequently lower levels for humans. Boron is usually found in plants grown in fertile organic soils. However, studies have shown that western diets provide much less. Many patients … Read more

Can Collagen Help You Lose Weight? Here Are The Facts…

Recent research suggests that collagen can be added to food and beverages to help you lose weight. Here are some research-based methods that collagen can help you lose fat. Here are 3 ways collagen can help you shed pounds easily: 1. Collagen helps you feel fuller longer. People add protein powder to their food and beverages to make … Read more

Fully Vaccinated 50% MORE Likely to Get Omicron??

If you’ve been paying attention over the last couple of years, you know that Australia has gone to extremes to prevent infection.  The stories of mass incarceration and quarantine are everywhere.  Some agree with it, some don’t. What cannot be disputed is its effectiveness. Australia had one of the lowest infection rates in the world.  … Read more

Can Cannabis Kill COVID?

A new study found that cannabis extract, when used in combination with proper vaccination, may prevent COVID-19-related infections. A study published in the Journal of Natural Products Monday found that cannabis compounds could be used to treat the COVID-19 virus. The study was conducted in collaboration with Oregon State University and Oregon Health and Sciences University. Researchers concluded … Read more

Is Sunshine The Cure For Cancer?

Today, we will dig into the truth about cancer and sunshine. We’ve been taught that sunshine is essentially poison, to be avoided at all cost.  Billions are made selling sun protection. But is the sun actually good for us? The sun and cancer connection is weaker than you think Experts have not yet been able … Read more

Are COVID Restrictions Killing Our Kids?

Following the shutdown of schools in the first year of the pandemic, students are struggling to catch up. The crisis has had the most intense impact on Black, Hispanic, and students attending schools with high poverty rates. Commenting on the crisis, Michael Petrilli, president of the Thomas B Fordham Institute, an education policy think tank, … Read more
5 Dangers Associated With Getting The Flu Shot

5 Things They’ll Never Tell You About Getting The Flu Shot

Flu season is here, which means it’s time to get a flu shot to prevent falling ill. Well, that’s what doctors, the CDC, and –– most importantly –– drug companies would have you believe. The reason many of the “experts” recommend you take the flu shot is to ensure you don’t get the flu or … Read more

4 Stretches You Should Do Daily

If you wake up and still feel tired, it could be that your muscles are too tight. Becoming inflexible can change your quality of life, causing you to lose your range of motion, putting stress on essential joints, and leading to more injuries. However, you don’t have to feel tight. By incorporating a stretch routine … Read more
5 foods making your arthritis worse

5 Every-Day Foods That Can Make Your Arthritis Worse

Although you may have improved your diet, eating healthy doesn’t necessarily mean every choice you make is good for your joints. Many of the common food choices are responsible for worsening your arthritis. To help you improve joint pain, we’ll review food choices –– and the ingredients in them –– that could be the culprits … Read more

The 5 Habits That Make You Feel Older

Growing older is intrinsic, but feeling irrelevant, bored, or weak isn’t. Despite representation in the media, well-being isn’t reserved for the young. Besides, many of the ailments associated with aging –– like cognitive decline or low sex drive –– have less to do with intrinsic aging and more to do with your lifestyle. A lifestyle … Read more